I’ve maintained a 4.0 for three semesters of college all while working.

This semester I’ve got a heavier class load, and I need a second job.

But I want to keep my 4.0,
I’m just so afraid I’m going to fail…

Fuck periods

Fuck cramps
Fuck ruined underwear
Fuck stained sheets
Fuck hot flashes
Fuck being unable to fall asleep
Fuck having to work early in the morning
Fuck studying
Fuck midterms
Fuck it all

What food makes you happy?

This is for an info graphic I am doing for a computer graphics class. Please answer this is really important!

Happy birthday!

(To me)
Now get up at 5,
You have to go to work.
Wait there’s more!
Here are some cramps from Mother Nature!

I think I will be better suited by a better night of sleep then staying up and studying. Besides I get out of work before noon, and my class isn’t till 6pm.

My Thoughts at work.

  • Me: Is it really worth $7.65 an hour?
  • Me: Yes, my lane is open, why the fuck do you think I'm standing here?
  • Me: I fucking hate you...
  • Me: Your rude.
  • Me: Your ignorant.
  • Me: If I ever did that my mother would murder me...
  • Me: Put some fucking clothes on cunt, this is a grocery store not the Bunny House!
  • Me: What would happen if a crazy guy came in here with a gun?
  • Me: Stop talking to me...Just stop.
  • Me: Oh Heyy you are cute.
  • Me: What should I do with my life?
  • Me: I said paper or plastic you dumb, deaf bitch...
  • Me: I think I have anger problems...
  • Me: I'm Tired.
  • Me: Fuck life.
  • Me: Yes 15 more minutes and I'm free!

( I work at a grocery store )

And this is how I feel internally when people come through my register with:

  1. Live Lobster
  2. Garlic